Engine oil plays two significant roles:

  1. Keeping the engine cool. Circulation of the oil dissipates away heat through heat exchangers to save the engine from thermal stresses. On cruising or accelerating on a highway, oil protects the engine from overheating cushioning water and fuel accumulation
  2. Lubricating moving components. Oil creates a thin film between moving elements and prevents them from grinding against one other. This ensures the engine operates optimally when speeding or on load.

It is, therefore, paramount to ensure your oil is in ideal condition. With time oil accumulates worn out particles, moisture, and acid from the environment leading to the formation of sludge.

Compromising the integrity of oil can result in catastrophic engine failure. An oil change and flush is a must for a long-lasting engine. For good quality engine oil and professional service and flushing, visit us Bob Smith Lincoln, Inc. in Billings and let our mechanics help you out.

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