Your owner’s manual provides details on how to keep your car running the way it was intended to. When you bought your car, you experienced a rush of excitement -- like a kid on their birthday. When you drove it off the lot, the word 'new' kept running through your mind. It looked new, felt new, even smelled new. Your new ride also came with a vehicle maintenance schedule that outlines how and when to perform routine maintenance.

Your vehicle’s maintenance schedule may also have something about severe use. These apply to extreme driving conditions, such as long periods of stop-and-go city driving, temperature extremes, high-speed driving, and driving in severe dust.

Adhering to the maintenance schedule not only maintains your warranty, but it also helps with other things, like gas mileage, performance, and resale value.

Here at Bob Smith Lincoln, Inc., our service technicians are ready to help. They are trained and experienced to maintain your car and to identify small problems before they become big problems. To protect your investment, give us a call today.

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