Tire rotation is an essential component of caring for the tires on your vehicle. Having it done will extend their lifespan, improve your ride and help you avoid inconvenient and costly repairs.

Tire rotation is easily neglected, and many otherwise responsible car owners just forget to have it done. Having your tires rotated is the best way to avoid uneven wear and tear. It's also an excellent way for a certified technician to identify an existing problem with your tires so they can be replaced. Tires with poor tread depth are susceptible to sudden blowouts on the road, as well as hydroplaning in wet weather. Not only are these both a hassle and expensive, but they can also be dangerous to both you and other motorists.

Having your tires rotated every six months, or 7,500 miles by the service center here at Bob Smith Lincoln, Inc. in Billings will ensure your safety on the road.

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