Horsepower is the amount of work done over time by engines or by actual ponies. Car manufacturers need a convenient way to be able to measure the performance of their engines. Using the term horsepower also conveys the performance of the car in a more visual way. If you have a 300 HP engine, you can almost imagine 300 horses pulling your car forward. That's definitely a lot of horses for one small car!

An engineer named James Watt invented horsepower to sell his brand new steam engines back during the times when everything was horse-drawn. The measurement of horsepower is still used today, even though we're a long way from everything being horse-drawn. He estimated that a pony is able to do 22,000 pounds of work over one foot per minute. He then increased this amount to 33,000 pounds. The measurement of horsepower is a useful measurement for those looking as a means of comparison.

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