Parking is a breeze in the 2019 Lincoln MKT. This admired mid-sized crossover is available with high-tech features that do all the work for you. It can take care of parallel and straight parking in Billings, MT.

The Active Park Assist system is a part of the standard technology package in the Reserve trim level. You can initiate this feature when you're driving slowly through a parking area. Sonar will scan the lot and find an open space for you. Once it has found one, the MKT will take the reigns to help you park. It'll control steering so that you can get in safely and efficiently. All you have to do is control acceleration and braking.

Want to see how the parking assistance technology works in person? We invite you to stop by our showroom at Bob Smith Lincoln, Inc. today. Our team will show you around the Lincoln MKT lineup and let you take one out for a test spin.

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