The speed at which motor oil flows is extremely important. As you may have heard, your vehicle is relying on oil to lubricate the engine as soon as the car gets ignited. This is where viscosity comes in.

In simple terms, viscosity shows how fast oil will flow inside of your engine. When the first number in the rating is low, your viscosity indicates thin oil that can lubricate the engine quickly during cold weather. During the summer, however, oil can get even thinner due to high temperatures. Thus, high temperatures are more fit for high viscosities that are indicated by the second number in the rating.

It is important to comprehend these ratings as you must purchase motor oil at some point. If you feel overwhelmed by the weather implications in the Billings area and do not know what viscosity will work best, make sure to visit our service center at Bob Smith Lincoln, Inc. to get your oil dilemmas resolved.

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